Design Book

Design Book


The Design Book is a collection of custom images that are ready to be tattooed. 

These designs range in price from $150 to $250

None of the images are ever tattooed twice. Once an image is tattooed it is retired from the design book and replaced with a new idea. This creates an affordable, unique, one of a kind tattoo for the wearer. 

Since the Book is constantly being updated, there are always new designs to choose from.

To see the current issue, request one via email. Please give a few days for response.

The line drawings in the book, are just that, line drawings.  It takes a certain amount imagination to visualize the end result. The Line drawings are basically a template to work off, and the end result rarely resembles the original, simple idea.   Just know that there is a plan, and that is something that can be better explained in person. 




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